Exposing falsehoods in David Ludden’s “When Does Pornography Use Become Problematic?” (2020)

David Ludden’s Psychology Today blog post claims to be about this Joshua Grubbs study: Moral incongruence and compulsive sexual behavior: Results from cross-sectional interactions and parallel growth curve analyses. Not surprisingly, Grubbs abstract doesn’t accurately reflect the study’s actual findings: porn addiction correlates most strongly with porn use (not “moral disapproval” or “religiosity”). Grubbs is […]

6-minute video by journalist Diana Davison, who authored The Post Millennial expose’ on Nicole Prause.

6-minute video by journalist Diana Davison, who authored The Post Millennial expose’ on Nicole Prause. The Diana Davison video provided a link to the timeline of events chronicling Prause’s nearly 7-year campaign of harassment, defamation, threats, and false accusations: VSS Academic War Timeline (Which Prause got removed by threatening TikiTok with a bogus Cease and […]

“Porn wars get personal in No Nut November”, by Diana Davison (The Post Millennial)

Also see this video by Dian Davison: By Diana Davison (November 21, 2019) LINK TO ORIGINAL ARTICLE In No Nut November, the question “To fap or not to fap?” has become fraught with legal danger. This whimsical internet challenge has grown in popularity over the years alongside the scientific battle over whether or not pornography […]

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Alex Rhodes of Porn Addiction Support Group ‘NoFap’ Sues Obsessed Pro-Porn Sexologist for Defamation. By Megan Fox of PJ Media

LINK TO ORIGINAL ARTICLE By Megan Fox November 21, 2019 Alex Rhodes is an interesting guy. At the age of 11, he says he started a years-long pornography addiction that turned his life upside down. When he decided to do something about it, he found a community of people online who had the same problems. […]

Nicole Prause, @BrainOnPorn and David Ley’s long history of harassing & defaming Alexander Rhodes of NoFap

There are numerous instances of Prause and Ley harassing and defaming Alexander Rhodes and NoFap. Each link in this list goes to a more complete description of harassment and/or defamation. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ UPDATE: On October 23, 2019 Alexander Rhodes (founder of reddit/nofap and NoFap.com) filed a defamation lawsuit against Nicole R Prause and Liberos LLC. See […]

Debunking the realyourbrainonporn (pornographyresearch.com) “Sex Offender Section”: The actual state of the research on porn use and sexual aggression, coercion & violence

Introduction Concerned about the biased, but increasingly well publicized, views of pro-porn sexologists and their allies? For your convenience, a large team of Porn Science Deniers have now “outed” themselves as an exclusive club. You can find them proudly pictured here in their science bubble – https://www.realyourbrainonporn.com/experts Those who are responsible for the new site […]

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RealYourBrainOnPorn tweets: Daniel Burgess, Nicole Prause & pro-porn allies create a biased website and social media accounts to support the porn industry agenda (beginning in April, 2019)

Attempted illegal trademark grab. @BrainOnPorn twitter now named in two defamation lawsuits RealYBOP is Nicole Prause’s second iteration of a pro-porn industry website and associated social media accounts: The first was “PornHelps”! The RealYBOP “experts”: Some are being compensated by porn industry giant xHamster to promote its websites and convince users that porn addiction & […]

Realyourbrainonporn (Daniel Burgess? Nicole Prause?) defamation/harassment of Gary Wilson: Fake porn URLs “found” in the Internet Wayback Archive (August, 2019)

Context: “Real”YourBrainOnPorn.com, Daniel Burgess and Nicole Prause Prior to February of 2018 I had never heard of Daniel Burgess LMFT. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Burgess used multiple social media platforms to attack me and YBOP. Burgess’s targeted harassment and defamation occurred on Twitter (under several @YourBrainOnPorn tweets) and Facebook (the YBOP Facebook page, one of […]