Addressing unsupported claims, personal attacks and defamation by Daniel A. Burgess, LMFT (Feb-March, 2018)

INTRODUCTION: Burgess is now claiming victim-hood, yet he initiated all contact (Facebook, Twitter), posting numerous defamatory comments and eventually infringing on YBOP’s trademark by creating “”. Prior to February, 2018 I had never heard of Daniel Burgess LMFT. Suddenly, out of nowhere Mr. Burgess (@BurgessTherapy) employed multiple social media platforms to attack me and YBOP. […]

New study shatters the “moral incongruence model of pornography addiction” (2020)

Some of the world’s top behavioral addiction experts have just published a new study “Frequency of use, moral incongruence, and religiosity and their relationships with self‐perceived addiction to pornography, internet use, social networking and online gaming.” Don’t let its long-winded academic title fool you. It powerfully shatters one of the most pernicious myths that pro-porn […]

Prause’s efforts to silence Wilson foiled; her restraining order denied as frivolous & she owes substantial attorney fees in a SLAPP ruling

How did I become the target of Nicole Prause? Below the official YBOP press release, I provide details to help readers understand my legal victory and Prause’s 7-year ‘reign of terror’ that led to it. Spoiler alert: She brought this all on herself. ~~~ PRESS RELEASE: Gary Wilson (Your Brain on Porn) Wins Legal Victory […]

Press release: Gary Wilson (Your Brain on Porn) Wins Legal Victory Against Sexologist Nicole Prause’s Efforts to Silence Him

Gary Wilson (Your Brain on Porn) Wins Legal Victory Against Sexologist Nicole Prause’s Efforts to Silence Him   Vocal porn researcher’s attempted restraining order denied as frivolous; must pay substantial attorney fees in a SLAPP ruling. ASHLAND, OREGON: August 16, 2020: Best-selling author and public health advocate Gary Wilson has won a legal victory against […]

Critique of claims surrounding “Sexual Responsivity and the Effects of Negative Mood on Sexual Arousal in Hypersexual Men Who Have Sex With Men” (2020)

Link to abstract of above paper As men who have quit porn and recovered from sexual dysfunctions (during partnered sex) demonstrate, porn-induced ED appears to be primarily due to conditioning their sexual response to online porn rather than real partners. Their difficulties are not due to “hypersexuality.” In fact, men who report the problem are–just […]

Nicole Prause’s fabrications of victim-hood exposed as groundless: she is the perpetrator, not the victim.

Introduction In 2013 former UCLA researcher Nicole Prause began openly harassing, libeling and cyberstalking Gary Wilson. (Prause has not been employed by an academic institution since January, 2015.) Within a short time she also began targeting others, including researchers, medical doctors, therapists, psychologists, a former UCLA colleague, a UK charity, men in recovery, a TIME […]

Media outlet ScramNews forced to apologize & pay substantial damages for publishing Nicole Prause’s lies about Alex Rhodes & NoFap

For years, Nicole Prause and her numerous aliases have defamed, harassed and cyber-stalked individuals and organizations that have warned of porn’s harms or publicized research reporting porn’s harms. Two of Prause’s primary targets have been Alex Rhodes and Nofap (numerous incidents documented here: Nicole Prause, RealYBOP, & David Ley’s long history of harassing & defaming […]

Nicole Prause & David Ley commit perjury in defamation lawsuit (September, 2019)

Update (August, 2020): Serial defamer & harasser Nicole Pause loses lawsuits to Gary Wilson; court rulings expose Prause the perpetrator, not the victim. In August of 2020 court rulings fully exposed Nicole Prause as the perpetrator, not the victim. In March of 2020, Prause sought a groundless temporary restraining order (TRO) against me using fabricated “evidence” […]

Studies demonstrating porn use or internet use “causing” negative effects or neurological changes

COMMENTS: When confronted with hundreds of studies linking porn use to negative outcomes, a common tactic by pro-porn PhDs is to claim that “no causation has been demonstrated.” The reality is that when it comes to psychological and (many) medical studies, very little research reveals causation directly. For example, all studies on the relationship between […]