ATTENTION: YBOP acquires in trademark infringement settlement

The URL has been granted to YBOP after its former owner(s), in apparent collaboration with Nicole R. Prause, registered and maintained the URL as part of a campaign to de-platform YBOP.

Specifically, Gary Wilson obtained the (RealYBOP) domain name as settlement of allegations of infringement upon his trademarks. The rest of this page documents the hostile campaign of Prause and her cronies, which began with an attempt to de-platform YBOP, followed by efforts to confuse its visitors, and finally used YBOP’s own trademarks to disparage it.

Malicious trademark squatting

In January 2019, Nicole Prause applied for YBOP’s well established trademarks, including Wilson’s actual URL (“”), with a view to displacing YBOP with her own version of his site. This was an outright censorship effort by Prause, who has been obsessively harassing and defaming Wilson for over 8 years.

Wilson challenged her application, which eventually failed, and the trademarks were registered in Wilson’s name in 2020.

Meanwhile, on March 13, 2019 (just a couple of months after the attempted trademark grab) Daniel A. Burgess registered the trademark-infringing domain name The RealYBOP site announced its birth in a press release, which deceptively claimed to have been issued in Ashland, Oregon where Gary Wilson, host of YBOP, lives, and misinformed the public about the state of the research on problematic porn use.

Take a moment to imagine the chutzpah and malice it took to register a domain name that encompassed an existing, long established domain name (YourBrainOnPorn) and then to add “Real” to it as if the new creation were the genuine website…and then to begin tweeting and engaging in other social media under this deceptive name!

The architects (Prause & Burgess) who masterminded this trademark-infringing strategy then resided in California, not Oregon. Were they deliberately trying to deceive people that the new site was somehow affiliated with Wilson?

To promote the new site, the creators of the imposter site set up lots of new social media, including a very active Twitter account (@BrainOnPorn), YouTube channel, Facebook page, and aliases for reddit and Wikipedia. A screenshot of the original RealYBOP YouTube channel is to the left:

RealYBOP’s reddit account (user/sciencearousal) spammed porn recovery forums reddit/pornfree and reddit/NoFap, promoting Prause’s frequently critiqued studies, attacking the concept of porn addiction, disparaging Wilson and YBOP, belittling men in recovery, and defaming porn skeptics. (Prause has a long, documented history of employing numerous aliases to post on porn recovery forums and elsewhere). For example, below Sciencearousal informs a r/pornfree member that porn use is positive for 99% of the population (simultaneously misrepresenting the state of the research and promoting the porn industry’s agenda):

Is it any coincidence that Nicole Prause, and her alias @BrainOnPorn, parrot “Sciencearousal,” falsely claiming that porn is overwhelmingly positive for nearly every user?

Aside: Porn is not positive for the majority of adults. For example, every quantitative study on males reports more porn use related to less sexual and relationship satisfaction: Over 80 studies link porn use to less sexual and relationship satisfaction. Hundreds mores studies reporting negative outcomes related to porn use can be found on YBOP’s main research page.

Before being banned, RealYBOP’s two Wikipedia sockpuppet accounts (Sciencearousal and SecondaryEd2020) inserted dubious links and deleted legitimate material about pornography’s effects. Here’s an April 14th, 2019 edit by a Prause sockpuppet:

This campaign of misinformation is business-as-usual, as we have documented over 40 apparent, illicit Wikipedia sockpuppets of Prause. (Wikipedia’s rules prohibit sockpuppets.) Confirming what we already knew, Wikipedia exposed Sciencearousal and SecondaryEd2020 as two of eight confirmed illicit sockpuppets of “NeuroSex” – which hard evidence reveals is Prause.

More blatant deception: The trademark-infringing RealYBOP site itself attempted to trick visitors. The center of each page declared “Welcome to the REAL Your Brain On Porn,” while the browser tab falsely proclaimed “Your Brain On Porn.”

In an attempt to fool search engines (and snag visitors seeking for Wilson’s website), the photos on the RealYBOP expert’s page were embedded with code featuring Wilson’s trademarks, such as: “YBOP” or “Your Brain On Porn,” and “Ted Talk Porn” (referring to his well known TEDx talk). For example, go to this archived copy of RealYBOP’s “experts” page, hover over the image (right click), and inspect “View image” or “View image info” for the code/name of the image. Example below of Joshua Grubbs’s photo (Your+Brain+On+Porn):

Also, whenever a link for the impostor site was emailed it appeared as “Your Brain on Porn/YBOP”:

trademark infringement

When a RealYourBrainOnPorn (@BrainOnPorn) tweet was retweeted its headline appeared as “Your Brain on Porn” and “YBOP (our most frequently used nickname)”:

trademark infringement

The new website promoted a list of pro-porn “experts,” as well as a page featuring cherry-picked outlier papers (many are not actual studies), that favored the interests of the porn industry.

The RealYBOP site was used to prop up its associated Twitter account named “Real Your Brain On Porn” (@BrainOnPorn). In fact, its manager (presumably Prause) publicly insisted that the Twitter account reflected the views of all of the “experts” in the line-up on the now shuttered RealYBOP website.

Exercising its supposed “collective” voice, the @BrainOnPorn Twitter account tweeted more than 1,000 defamatory and malicious statements about anyone with whom Nicole Prause disagreed (i.e., anyone who dared to counter the preferred narrative of the sex/porn industry). In October, 2020 the account was permanently suspended for violating Twitter rules (Prause’s original Twitter account was also permanently suspended for harassment).

Not long ago, someone created two additional trademark infringing accounts on Parler: @YourBrainOnPorn and @Realyourbrainonporn. RealYBOP’s Parler account posted similar lie-filled and defamatory tweets as did the @BrainOnPorn account:

We strongly suspect Prause was behind the Parler accounts as (1) a trademark infringing @NoFap account was created the day before the creation of the @YourBrainOnPorn (and NoFap has long been another target of Prause), (2) the Parler @NoFap account posted the same defamatory tweets as did @BrainOnPorn, (3) a Nicole R Prause Parler account also exists, which is very odd as Parler is considered a right-wing outlet, while Prause poses as being liberal.

Prause denies involvement in these trademark-infringing social media accounts. However, simple observation, RealYBOP experts’ correspondence, WIPO’s report, and considerable evidence point to her management of these accounts

While Daniel A. Burgess registered, Prause’s numerous victims believe she orchestrated the content on RealYBOP and operated its social media accounts (especially the very active Twitter account which, before it was banned for harassment, obsessively harassed and defamed those who suggested porn might cause harms or that the porn industry has problems).

RealYBOP went live April 16, 2019, yet it wasn’t until Wilson’s attorneys filed a complaint with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) that we learned that Daniel A. Burgess owned the URL (July 8, 2019). Incidentally, Wilson’s attorneys requested the WIPO administrative review of the apparent misuse of his trademark in the RealYBOP URL as a possible route to having transferred to Wilson as swiftly and economically as possible. Surprisingly, WIPO declined to rectify the situation, so Wilson had wait until his trademark registrations were official before at last gaining control of the infringing URL.

In the meantime, Prause “weaponized” the WIPO decision. She issued a misleading press release and constantly mischaracterized WIPO’s decision on Twitter. She portrayed Wilson as trying unsuccessfully to steal “their website” (The irony!) This propaganda campaign became part of her mythology that he, and others, wanted to silence “them” because we were afraid of “their science.” For his attempt to defend his trademarks from blatant infringement Prause smeared Wilson as “vicious to scientists.” Finally, Prause repeatedly referred to the administrative WIPO proceeding as a “lawsuit.” It was not a lawsuit. In fact, it was an attempt to make further legal proceedings unnecessary.

The RealYBOP “experts” said Prause ran the website

As initially no one knew Burgess was the official owner of the RealYBOP URL, Wilson’s attorneys were obliged to send cease and desist letters to all the “experts” listed on his infringing website (May 1, 2019). A handful of the “experts” replied, and a few named Prause as the operator of RealYBOP. Here, for example, is RealYBOP erstwhile “expert” Alan McKee replying our C&D letter:

Here’s former Indiana University colleague and co-author Peter Finn replying to our attorney’s C&D letter:

In fact, not one of the RealYBOP experts stated, or seemed to have any clue, that Daniel Burgess was involved when they responded to the cease & desist letters they received. Clearly, her “experts” thought they were dealing solely with Prause. (Prause’s merry band of RealYBOP “experts”: Marty Klein, Lynn Comella, David J. Ley, Emily F. Rothman, Samuel Perry, Taylor Kohut, William Fisher, Peter Finn, Janniko Georgiadis, Erick Janssen, Aleksandar Štulhofer, Joshua Grubbs, James Cantor, Michael Seto, Justin Lehmiller, Anna Randall, Victoria Hartmann, Julia Velten, Michael Vigorito, Doug Braun-Harvey, David Hersh, Jennifer Valli and Nicole Prause herself.)

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) found substantial evidence of Prause’s involvement with RealYBOP

The WIPO decision caused an unexpected delay in the transfer of the URL to Wilson (until the trademarks were formally registered in his name). The important point here is that the WIPO panelist also viewed Prause as a leading controller of the site: “Panel finds substantial evidence that Mr. Burgess, Dr. Prause, and Liberos LLC share involvement in the control of the website.” Excerpt from the WIPO opinion:

The Amended Complaint also names Dr. Nicole Prause and Liberos LLC [her company] as Respondents. They do not appear in the Registrar’s WhoIs database in relation to the Domain Name, but there are reasons to believe that Dr. Prause is a leading person in the “group of psychologists and scientists” that is responsible for the Respondent’s website, according to the Response. She is the second-listed expert on the site, with her affiliation shown as “Liberos”. Two of the experts who replied to the Complainant’s demand letter said they participated at her invitation. The law firm that responded on her behalf to the Complainant’s demand letter is the same law firm that represents the Respondent in this proceeding. Dr. Prause “DBA Liberos LLC” applied for United States trademark registration of YOUR BRAIN ON PORN. The online database of the California Secretary of State shows that Liberos LLC is a California limited liability company, for which Nicole Prause is the registered agent.

The Panel finds substantial evidence that Mr. Burgess, Dr. Prause, and Liberos LLC share involvement in the control of the website associated with the Domain Name, as well as common interests in this proceeding, and there has been no showing of material prejudice to them in the event that the proceeding continues with Dr. Prause and Liberos LLC as named Respondents. See WIPO Overview of WIPO Panel Views on Selected UDRP Questions, Third Edition (“WIPO Overview 3.0”), section 4.11.2.

Accordingly, the Panel allows the Complaint against multiple respondents as styled in the caption above and refers to these parties collectively hereafter as the “Respondent.”

As the arbitrator noted, both Prause and Daniel Burgess were indeed represented by Prause’s lawyer Wayne B. Giampietro of Poltrock & Giampietro. If Prause had no involvement in RealYBOP, why did her attorneys (who continued to represent her in connection with her infringement on Wilson’s trademarks) also represent Daniel Burgess?

The RealYourBrainOnPorn Facebook page listed Prause’s phone number as the contact

Before the RealYBOP Facebook page vanished, Nicole Prause’s phone number was listed as the contact number. We have blacked out her phone number below to protect her privacy, but Prause has listed this same number on various other pages she controls online, including Twitter. (Unredacted copies can be provided to journalists.) In addition, the Facebook page below describes the owner as a “scientist” (singular) rather than “scientists.” The latter would be expected if RealYBOP were a true group effort, as Prause (as its manager) has claimed.

“RealYourBrainOnPorn” YouTube channel initially identified itself as Nicole Prause (thereby also identifying Prause as sockpuppet TruthShallSetSetYouFree)

Upset by a less than flattering Rebecca Watson video covering the Rhodes defamation lawsuit, Prause used her own account and the RealYBOP YouTube account to argue with commenters under the Watson video. The RealYBOP comment reads as if it was written by Prause, in the first person (“my license”, “I won”), when describing her so-called victories in the WIPO hearing, UCLA complaints, and complaints against her psychology license. The RealYBOP comment also links to 2 court documents Prause forced to add to this article about Hilton v. Prause. (The court ignored Prause lie-filled documents and refused to dismiss the case.)


Prause claims of victimhood are pure fabrications. She is the perpetrator, not the victim.

Soon after her onslaught against Watson on YouTube and Twitter, the RealYBOP YouTube channel changed its name to “TruthShallSetYouFree,” which resulted in the above comment changing usernames:


Prause still uses her amended YouTube alias (TruthShallSetYouFree) to disparage and defame her usual targets, while spreading claims of her victimhood.

Ties to the sex/porn industry?

Pornhub was the very first account to retweet @BrainOnPorn’s initial tweet

Indicating a coordinated behind the scenes effort, Pornhub was the very first account to retweet the trademark-infringing Twitter account @BrainOnPorn! In return, the @BrainOnPorn Twitter account went on to directly support PornHub, including by targeting and defaming Laila Mickelwait and Exodus Cry. (Mickelwait’s petition to hold PornHub accountable for unconscionable and illegal content has garnered over a million signatures.)

It has long been clear that Nicole Prause and her colleague David Ley are long-time chums with many porn-industry insiders. We have always suspected that these players communicate behind the scenes, assisting the porn industry with its propaganda and attacks on Prause’s usual targets.

XBIZ admitted collaborating with RealYBOP on one of its hit-pieces

This January, 2020 XBIZ hit-piece by @BrainOnPorn buddy Gustavo Turner is proof positive that those who operated the RealYBOP site aligned directly with the porn industry. The XBIZ article below acknowledges “RealYourBrainOnPorn” as its source for lies about YBOP.

XBIZ claims that YBOP is “murkily funded.” Balderdash, as I (Wilson) have truthfully stated for 10 years that YBOP receives no funding or ad revenues, and my share of the proceeds from YBOP’s book go to charity.

As for the XBIZ/RealYBOP claim that YBOP is “unscientific,” see the main YBOP research page containing links to about 1,000 studies reporting myriad negative outcomes related to porn use. In reality, porn industry shill RealYBOP with its associated social media is far less scientific. This page exposes RealYBOP’s so-called research page as nothing more than a handful of cherry-picked, often irrelevant, papers (many are not actual studies), and its astonishing omissions.

The lawyer for Burgess and Prause also defended defended

Again, when YBOP challenged the new RealYBOP URL via WIPO, both Prause and Burgess were represented by legal counsel Wayne B. Giampietro. It’s worth noting that Giampietro was also one of the sex-industry lawyers who defended was shut down by the Federal government “for its willful facilitation of human trafficking and prostitution.” (See this USA Today article: 93-count indictment on sex trafficking charges revealed against Backpage founders.)

The indictment charged owners, along with others, of conspiring to knowingly facilitate prostitution offenses through the website. Authorities contended some of the trafficked people included teenage girls. For details on Giampietro’s involvement see: assets were seized by Arizona, with Wayne B. Giampietro LLC listed as forfeiting $100,000.

RealYBOP Twitter viciously attacked TraffickingHub, the campaign to hold Pornhub responsible for hosting child porn and sexual abuse videos

While nearly every “RealYBOP” tweet supported the porn industry agenda, the tweets collected here leave no doubt concerning RealYBOP’s true allegiance – directly supporting the porn industry – especially PornHub (Mindgeek). For example, this image collects 5 of over 100 RealYBOP tweets disparaging and defaming Laila Mickelwait while defending PornHub. Laila Mickelwait spearheaded a campaign to investigate PornHub hosting videos sexual abuse and child porn, which resulted in this NY Times feature.

Many more examples are below, and on this page – RealYourBrainOnPorn tweets DIRECTLY supporting the porn industry.

RealYBOP Twitter produced over 1000 vicious tweets defaming and disparaging dozens of individuals and organizations who point out the possible harms of using porn

Although RealYBOP purported to be a “science-based” resource, it never tweeted any of the many academic papers reporting harms associated with porn use. It also often misrepresented the cherry-picked studies it did tweet. However, the vast majority of its tweets served the porn industry by personally attacking people and organizations (who challenged the industry’s narrative) with insulting, defamatory tweets. These 2 pages collect many of these “attack dog” tweets. Others were so appalling that we omitted them.

  1. RealYourBrainOnPorn (@BrainOnPorn) tweets, page 2: Daniel Burgess, Nicole Prause & pro-porn allies collaborate on a twitter account to support the porn industry and to harass & defame anyone who speaks about porn’s negative effects
  2. RealYourBrainOnPorn (@BrainOnPorn) tweets: Daniel Burgess, Nicole Prause & pro-porn allies collaborate on a biased website and social media accounts to support the porn industry agenda (beginning in April, 2019)
Some RealYBOP experts are collaborating with porn industry giant xHamster to promote its websites and convince users that porn addiction & sex addiction are myths

By July, 2019 three of the better known RealYBOP “experts” were openly collaborating with the porn industry: David Ley, Justin Lehmiller and Chris Donaghue. All 3 are on the advisory board of the fledgling Sexual Health Alliance (SHA). In a blatant financial conflict of interest, David Ley and the SHA are being compensated by porn industry giant xHamster to promote its websites (i.e. StripChat) and to convince users that porn addiction and sex addiction are myths! See “Stripchat aligns with Sexual Health Alliance to stroke your anxious porn-centric brain.”

daniel a burgess LMFT owns realyourbrainonporn

The official StripChat Twitter account reveals the true reason for paying for RealYBOP “experts”: to soothe their anxieties to prevent the loss of paying customers.

The SHA will accomplish this by “talking about the latest research on sex, camming and addiction,” that is, cherry picking the work done by “their” researchers. Did Ley mention that hundreds of studies link porn use to myriad negative effects? Nope. Biased? David Ley, Justin Lehmiller and Chris Donaghue remind us of the infamous tobacco doctors, and the Sexual health Alliance reminds us of the Tobacco Institute.

Documentation of Nicole Prause’s intimate relationship with those in the porn industry is so massive that we created a separate page for just the highlights of what is known: Is Nicole Prause Influenced by the Porn Industry? A quick rundown with numerous links is provided in the next section.

More on Prause’s defamatory activity, malicious reporting/litigation, and close ties to the porn industry

Background: In 2013 former UCLA researcher Nicole Prause began openly harassing, libeling and cyberstalking Gary Wilson. (Prause has not been employed by an academic institution since January, 2015.) Within a short time she also began targeting others, including researchers, medical doctors, therapists, psychologists, a former UCLA colleague, a UK charity, men in recovery, a TIME magazine editor, several professors, IITAP, SASH, Fight The New Drug, Exodus Cry,, RebootNation, YourBrainRebalanced, the academic journal Behavioral Sciences, its parent company MDPI, US Navy medical doctors, the head of the academic journal CUREUS, and the journal Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity. (See – Numerous Victims of Nicole Prause’s Malicious Reporting and Malicious Use of Process.)

While spending her waking hours harassing others, Prause cleverly cultivated – with zero objectively verifiable evidence – a myth that she was “the victim” of most anyone who dared to disagree with her assertions surrounding porn’s effects or the current state of porn research (See: Nicole Prause’s fabrications of victim-hood exposed as groundless). To counter the ongoing harassment and false claims, YBOP was compelled to document some of Prause’s activities. Consider the following pages. (Additional incidents have occurred that we are not at liberty to divulge – as Prause’s victims fear further retribution.)

In the beginning Prause employed dozens of fake usernames to post on porn recovery forums, Quora, Wikipedia, and in the comment sections under articles. Prause rarely used her real name or her own social media accounts. That all changed after UCLA chose not to renew Prause’s contract (around January, 2015).

Freed from any oversight and now self-employed, Prause added two media managers/promoters from Media 2×3 to her company’s tiny stable of “Collaborators.” (Media 2×3 president Jess Ponce describes himself as a Hollywood media coach and personal branding expert.) Their job was to place articles in the press featuring Prause, and find her speaking engagements in pro-porn and mainstream venues. Odd tactics for a supposedly impartial scientist.

Prause began to put her name to falsehoods, openly cyber-harassing multiple individuals and organizations on social media and elsewhere. Since Prause’s primary target was Gary Wilson (hundreds of social media comments along with behind the scenes email campaigns), it became necessary to monitor and document Prause’s tweets and posts. This was done for her victims’ protection, and crucial for any future legal actions. As her defamation and harassment escalated Prause became embroiled as defendant in three defamation lawsuits: Donald Hilton, MD, Nofap founder Alexander Rhodes, and lawyer Aaron Minc, JD.

It soon became apparent that Prause’s tweets and comments were rarely about sex research, neuroscience, or any other subject related to her claimed expertise. In fact, the vast majority of Prause’s posts could be divided into two overlapping categories:

  1. Indirect support of the porn industry: Defamatory & ad hominem comments targeting individuals and organizations that she labeled as “anti-porn activists” (often claiming to be a victim of these individuals and organizations). Documented here: page 1, page 2, page 3, and page 4.
  2. Direct support of the porn industry:
    • direct support of the FSC (Free Speech Coalition), AVN (Adult Video News), porn producers, performers, and their agendas
    • countless misrepresentations of the state of pornography research and attacks on porn studies or porn researchers.

This page contains a sampling of tweets and comments related to #2 – her vigorous support of the porn industry and its chosen positions. After years of sitting on the evidence, YBOP is of the view that Prause’s unilateral aggression has escalated to such frequent and reckless defamation (falsely accusing her many victims of “physically stalking her,” “misogyny,” “encouraging others to rape her,” and “being neo-Nazis“), that we are compelled to examine her possible motives. The page is divided into 4 main sections:

  1. SECTION 1: Nicole Prause & the porn industry:
    1. Falsely accusing others of saying the porn industry funds some of her research (but no one said that)
    2. In 2015 the Free Speech Coalition offers Prause assistance: she accepts and immediately attacks Prop 60 (condoms in porn)
    3. The Free Speech Coalition allegedly provided subjects for a Prause study that she claims will “debunk” porn addiction
    4. Prause’s direct support for porn & sex industry (FSC, AVN, XBIZ, xHamster, PornHub,, etc.)
    5. Prause’s cozy relationships with porn industry performers, directors, producers, etc.
    6. Evidence that Nicole Prause attends porn industry awards (XRCO, AVN)
  2. SECTION 2: Nicole Prause as porn industry shill “PornHelps”? (PornHelps website, @pornhelps on Twitter, comments under articles). All accounts deleted once Prause was outed as “PornHelps.”
  3. SECTION 3: Examples of Nicole Prause supporting porn industry interests via misrepresentation of the research & attacking studies/researchers.
  4. SECTION 4: “RealYBOP”: Prause, Daniel Burgess and associates collaborate on a biased website and social media accounts to support a pro-porn industry agenda.

While there’s no evidence of any of Prause’s victims stating that Prause receives funding from the porn industry, anyone might be forgiven for wondering if she is indeed influenced by the porn industry. The Prause pages on YBOP are just the tip of a very large Prause Iceberg. She has posted thousands of times, attacking everyone and anyone who suggests porn might cause problems. (Prause later purged her Twitter account of 3,000 or more incriminating tweets.) She has defended the industry at every turn, much as a paid industry thought-leader could be expected to do. Clearly Prause, who lives in LA, enjoys a cozy relationship with the pornography industry. See this image of her (far right) apparently taken on the red carpet of the X-Rated Critics Organization (XRCO) awards ceremony.

According to Wikipedia,

“The XRCO Awards are given by the American X-Rated Critics Organization annually to people working in adult entertainment and it is the only adult industry awards show reserved exclusively for industry members.[1]

From her tweets, it appears that Prause has also attended the Adult Video News Awards. In June, 2015 Prause describes hearing Jeanne Silver’s (a porn star) story “at AVN” (we must assume the Adult Video News Awards, because a Google search for Adult Video News returns mostly the AVN awards; second was the AVN expo).

Her chummy tweets with a porn star suggest Prause had plans to attend the 2019 AVN awards (who knows if she did?). Trolling PornHarms, Prause offers free t-shirts to others willing to troll with her. The t-shirts are a tasteless parody of the FTND porn kills love t-shirts. The 3 winners are porn stars!

One of the porn stars (Avalon) is from Australia. She tells Prause that it’s too expensive to ship a t-shirt to her. Prause asks Avalon if she would like to pick up her t-shirt at “the AVN.” The only logical conclusion is that Prause will be attending AVN awards, the AVN EXPO, or both.

Avalon tells Prause to have an amazing time at the AVN.

Please note: There is unequivocal evidence that the porn industry funded the sexology profession for decades. Sexology’s agenda still appears to serve the porn industry. Thus, the evidence on this page should be viewed in a larger context. See Hugh Hefner, the International Academy of Sex Research, and Its Founding President to understand how porn-industry friendly sexologists influenced the Kinsey Institute. Prause is a Kinsey grad.

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