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Cease and desist letter to Nicole R. Prause & Liberos LLC for trademark infringement of Your Brain On Porn and www.yourbrainonporn.com

A group of pro-porn, self-proclaimed “experts”, led by Nicole Prause, are engaged in illegal trademark infringement of “YourBrainOnPorn.com. For all the details see this extensive page: Aggressive Trademark Infringement Waged by Porn Addiction Deniers (www.realyourbrainonporn.com). On May 1, 2019 the attorneys for the common-law owner of the trademarks “Your Brain On Born” and “YourBrainOnPorn.com” sent […]

Critique of Samuel Perry’s “Is the Link Between Pornography Use and Relational Happiness Really More About Masturbation? Results From Two National Surveys” (2019)

Highlights of critique: Religion researcher Samuel Perry published a re-analysis of data used in one of his earlier porn studies. It appears that pro-porn ideologues Nicole Prause and David Ley “encouraged” Perry to do this re-analysis. Note: A year later Perry also teamed up with his new wolf pack (Prause, Ley and their chums) to […]

Critique of “Harder and Harder? Is Mainstream Pornography Becoming Increasingly Violent and Do Viewers Prefer Violent Content?” (2018)

Link to abstract (which is also below) This paper is a misleading, irresponsible attempt to counter the 2010 Ana Bridges study on aggression in porn (“Aggression and sexual behavior in best-selling pornography videos: A content analysis update”), which found that 88% of the most popular porn films featured physical aggression against women. However, this study […]

Porn Science Deniers Alliance (AKA: “RealYourBrainOnPorn.com” and “PornographyResearch.com”)

Table of contents: Porn Science Deniers engaged in unlawful trademark infringement of YourBrainOnPorn.com At long last, the Alliance openly functions as an agenda-driven collective Porn Science Deniers Alliance is out of step with the world’s most widely used medical diagnostic manual, The International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11) The Alliance’s cherry-picked, often irrelevant papers do not […]

Aggressive trademark infringement waged by group headed by Nicole Prause (www.realyourbrainonporn.com).

Introduction As Your Brain on Porn has been continuously engaged in vigorous debate around the subject of compulsive pornography consumption since before 2011, our website certainly doesn’t take issue with, or fear, opposing views. Sexual health experts are welcome to offer views about internet pornography’s effects that differ from our views. We thrive on debate […]

Is Nicole Prause Influenced by the Porn Industry?

Introduction In 2013 former UCLA researcher Nicole Prause began openly harassing, libeling and cyberstalking Gary Wilson. (Prause has not been employed by an academic institution since January, 2015.) Within a short time she also began targeting others, including researchers, medical doctors, therapists, psychologists, former UCLA colleagues, a UK charity, men in recovery, a TIME magazine […]

Nicole Prause & David Ley libelous claim that Gary Wilson was fired from Southern Oregon University

Gary Wilson’s cyberstalker, Dr. Nicole Prause, prepared a libelous blog piece, which she posted on an adult industry website. It was removed after Wilson tweeted this. (Original url: http://mikesouth.com/scumbags/dr-nicole-prause-destroys-yourbrainonporn-dont-fall-22064/). The site containing Prause’s libelous blog piece describes itself as follows: Mike South adult industry blog, the premier destination for adult industry news since 1998. Mike […]

Article by University of Wisconsin-Lacrosse student newspaper (The Racquet) posts false police report by Nicole Prause (March, 2019)

This page concerns an article published in the University of Wisconsin-Lacrosse student newspaper: The Racquet Investigates: Fight the New Drug. This March, 17th 2019 hit-piece, masquerading as investigative journalism, targeted Fight The New Drug. Inexplicably, it gratuitously contained a section about Gary Wilson, which featured a baseless April 25, 2018 Los Angeles police report filed […]

Propagandists misrepresent peer-reviewed papers and ICD-11 search features to fuel false claim that WHO’s ICD-11 “rejected porn addiction and sex addiction”

The deniers of porn addiction are agitated because the latest version of the World Health Organization’s medical diagnostic manual, The International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11), contains a new diagnosis suitable for diagnosing both porn addiction and sex addiction. It’s called “Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder.” For a responsible article quoting Geoffrey Reed, the head of Mental […]

Correcting Misunderstandings About Neuroscience and Problematic Sexual Behaviors (2017) by Don Hilton, MD

Neuroscience and PSBs In recent years, neuroscience discoveries about the reward system and human sexuality have shed new light on both problematic and healthy sexual behavior. As can be expected with any new paradigm, however, some doubtful neuroscience claims have also appeared in the media. As a neurosurgeon and the author of several papers on […]

David Ley attacks the NoFap movement (May, 2015)

Comments: This was written in response to David Ley’s blog post attacking nofap. It serves a bigger purpose: 1) to expose that the so-called science contradicting porn addiction is smoke and mirrors, and 2) the papers claiming to refute porn addiction come from two individuals who often team up – Nicole Prause & David Ley. […]

Critique of “Sexual Arousal and Sexually Explicit Media (SEM): Comparing Patterns of Sexual Arousal to SEM and Sexual Self-Evaluations and Satisfaction Across Gender and Sexual Orientation” (2017)

Analysis In this study, participants were asked about their sexual arousal related to 27 genres (themes) of porn. Why the researchers chose these 27 particular genres is known only to them. How the authors determined which genres were “mainstream” which were “non-mainstream” also remains a mystery given their seemingly random categorization (more below). No matter, […]

New study says porn users have ‘egalitarian attitudes’ — so what? (2015)

Link to original article: September 22, 2015, by Jonah Mix Last month, the Journal of Sex Research published “Is Pornography Really About ‘Making Hate to Women?’” a paper claiming to find a positive correlation between pornography consumption and feminist attitudes. In its abstract, the Canadian researchers behind the study waste no time making their disdain […]

Critique of Nicole Prause’s “Porn Is for Masturbation” (2019)

The 4-page Nicole Prause commentary can be found here. It’s one of several commentaries (mostly by Prause allies, such as David Ley, Taylor Kohut and Sam Perry) on the following paper: An Organizational Framework for Sexual Media’s Influence on Short-Term Versus Long-Term Sexual Quality (Leonhardt et al., 2018). These commenters don’t care for Leonhardt et […]

Critique of “Is Pornography Use Related to Erectile Functioning? Results From Cross-Sectional and Latent Growth Curve Analyses” (2019)

Introduction: His correlations say one thing, but Joshua Grubbs says another The researcher who saddled humankind with “perceived pornography addiction” and claimed it somehow “functions very differently from other addictions,” has now turned his dexterity to porn-induced ED. Joshua Grubbs’s new paper claims there’s no epidemic of youthful ED, boldly concluding its abstract with: In […]

Online Porn Addiction: What We Know and What We Don’t—A Systematic Review (2019): Excerpt analyzing Prause et al., 2015

Link to original study – Online Porn Addiction: What We Know and What We Don’t—A Systematic Review (2019) Excerpt critiquing Prause’s 2 EEG studies: Steele et al., 2013 & Prause et al., 2015 (citation 105 is Steele, citation 107 is Prause): Evidence of this neural activity signalizing desire is particularly prominent in the prefrontal cortex […]

Online Porn Addiction: What We Know and What We Don’t—A Systematic Review (2019): Excerpt analyzing Steele et al., 2013

Link to original study – Online Porn Addiction: What We Know and What We Don’t—A Systematic Review (2019) Excerpt critiquing Steele et al., 2013 (citation 105 is Steele et al.) Evidence of this neural activity signalizing desire is particularly prominent in the prefrontal cortex [101] and the amygdala [102,103], being evidence of sensitization. Activation in […]

Peer-reviewed critiques of Prause et al., 2015

Introduction Study: “Modulation of late positive potentials by sexual images in problem users and controls inconsistent with porn addiction” (Prause et al., 2015) Claim:Nicole Prause boldly claimed that her solitary EEG study “falsified the porn addiction model.” Reality: The results indicate habituation/desensitization. Because this paper reported greater porn use related to less brain activation to […]

John A. Johnson on Steele et al., 2013 (and Johnson debating Nicole Prause in comments section under his Psychology Today article)

Steele et al., 2013 spokesperson Nicole Prause conducted several interviews about her July, 2013 EEG study on people complaining of having difficulties controlling their porn use. Commenting under the Psychology Today interview of Nicole Prause, senior psychology professor emeritus John A. Johnson said: A gap in logical inference Submitted by John A. Johnson Ph.D. on […]

Analysis of “Data do not support sex as addictive” (Prause et al., 2017)

Introduction Nicole Prause touts yet another of her letters to the editor as “debunking” the existence of sex addiction and porn addiction (“Compulsive sexual behaviour disorder” in the upcoming ICD-11). Yet it does not. This 240-word opinion piece (Prause et al., 2017) cites zero studies to support its claims, providing only a single, easily refuted […]

Peer-reviewed critiques of Steele et al., 2013

Background: Steele et al., 2013 On March 6th, 2013 David Ley and spokesperson Nicole Prause teamed up to write a Psychology Today blog post about Steele et al., 2013 called “Your Brain on Porn – It’s NOT Addictive“. Its oh-so-catchy title is misleading as it has nothing to do with Your Brain on Porn or […]

Sexual Function in 16- to 21-Year-Olds in Britain (2016)

COMMENTS: This study reported the following rates of sexual functioning problems in 16-21 year old males (data from 2010-2012): Lacked interest in having sex: 10.5% Difficulty reaching climax: 8.3% Difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection: 7.8% The above rates are significantly higher than those reported prior to the advent of the internet. For example, erectile […]

Dismantling David Ley’s Response to Philip Zimbardo: “We Must Rely on Good Science in Porn Debate” (2016)

The following is YBOP’s response to David Ley’s Psychology Today blog post “We Must Rely on Good Science in Porn Debate (2016).” Ley’s post is his response to Philip Zimbardo’s Psychology Today blog post “Is Porn Good For Us or Bad For Us?” (2016). While Ley’s title says we must rely on “good science,” it […]

Neurocognitive mechanisms in compulsive sexual behavior disorder (2018) – Excerpts analyzing Prause et al., 2015

Link to PDF of full paper – Neurocognitive mechanisms in compulsive sexual behavior disorder (2018). Excerpt analyzing Prause et al., 2015 (which is citation 87) A study using EEG, conducted by Prause and colleagues, suggested that individuals who feel distressed about their pornography use, as compared to a control group who do not feel distress […]

Neurocognitive mechanisms in compulsive sexual behavior disorder (2018) – Excerpt analyzing Steele et al., 2013

Link to PDF of full paper – Neurocognitive mechanisms in compulsive sexual behavior disorder (2018). Excerpts analyzing Steele et al., 2013 (which is citation 68): Klucken and colleagues recently observed that participants with CSB as compared to participants without displayed greater activation of the amygdala during presentation of conditioned cues (colored squares) predicting erotic pictures […]

Neurocognitive mechanisms in compulsive sexual behavior disorder (2018)

October 2018, Current Sexual Health Reports DOI: 10.1007/s11930-018-0176-z Abstract Purpose of review: The current review summarizes the latest findings concerning neurobiological mechanisms of compulsive sexual behavior disorder (CSBD) and provides recommendations for future research specific to the diagnostic classification of the condition. Recent findings: To date, most neuroimaging research on compulsive sexual behavior has provided […]

Nicole Prause’s efforts to have Behavioral Sciences review paper (Park et al., 2016) retracted

CONTENTS: “Who’s watching Retraction Watch?” – an update on events. Background – general Pre-MDPI history: the Yale Journal of Biology & Medicine, and “Janey Wilson” (Prause alias). Behavioral Sciences version of Park et al., and Prause’s retraction efforts Prause uses social media to harass MDPI, researchers who publish in MDPI journals, and anyone citing Park […]

Analysis of “Does exposure to erotica reduce attraction and love for romantic partners in men? Independent replications of Kenrick, Gutierres, and Goldberg (1989) study 2”

COMMENTS: This new study (abstract below) is being touted as a “failed replication” of a highly cited 1989 experiment, thus proving that porn use has little effect of intimate relationships. First, it’s absurd to claim that experimental studies can demonstrate if porn viewing really causes negative relationship effects.” Experiments where college-aged guys view a few […]

Critique of “The 2018 Revision to the Process of Care Model for Evaluation of Erectile Dysfunction” (2018)

  COMMENTS: At first glance this 2018 paper seemed promising as it recommended that pornography use be added as a part of patient evaluation: As part of the sexual history, information on sexual habits can be useful, both in diagnosing ED and in selecting the optimal treatment. Sexual habits include frequency of intercourse, predictability, timing, […]

Critique of “Profiles of Cyberpornography Use and Sexual Well-Being in Adult” (2017)

COMMENTS: The present study is a further analysis of an earlier study that has already been critiqued by YBOP: Cyberpornography: Time Use, Perceived Addiction, Sexual Functioning, and Sexual Satisfaction (2016). Both studies involved the same subjects, with the earlier study reporting that greater porn use was related to both less sexual satisfaction and less sexual […]

Critique of “Cyberpornography: Time Use, Perceived Addiction, Sexual Functioning, and Sexual Satisfaction” (2016)

COMMENTS: This study reported two seemingly contradictory findings in regard to porn use: More time spent viewing porn correlated with lower sexual satisfaction More time spent viewing porn correlated with less sexual dysfunction Wouldn’t it make sense for poorer sexual satisfaction to always be related to more sexual dysfunction? How could more porn use be […]

Debunking Justin Lehmiller’s “Is Erectile Dysfunction Really on the Rise in Young Men” (2018)

Justin Lehmiller, a regular paid contributor to Playboy Magazine, unconvincingly attempts to debunk the well documented rise in youthful erectile dysfunction with this April, 2018 blog post. Since it was published David Ley and Nicole Prause frequently tweet Lehmiller’s blog post as “proof” that youthful ED rates haven’t changed in the last 30 years. According […]

Research Suggests the Grubbs, Perry, Wilt, Reid Review Is Disingenuous (“Pornography Problems Due to Moral Incongruence: An Integrative Model with a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis”)

The authors of this review would have readers believe that self-identification as a porn addict is a function of religious shame/moral disapproval about porn. They only reviewed a small number of studies, which rely on the CPUI-9, an instrument developed by co-author Grubbs that produces skewed findings. The co-authors carefully omitted or misrepresented opposing research […]

Debunking “Why Are We Still So Worried About Wat­­ching Porn?” (by Marty Klein, Taylor Kohut, and Nicole Prause)

Introduction This critique has two parts: Part 1 exposes how Nicole Prause, Marty Klein and Taylor Kohut completely misrepresent their solitary bit of “evidence” to support the article’s core falsehood – that “compulsive pornography viewing” was excluded from the new ICD-11 “Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder” diagnosis. Part 2 exposes the startling omissions, false claims, research […]

Debunking a July, 2018 article by Gavin Evans: “Can Watching Too Much Porn Give You Erectile Dysfunction?” (Men’s Health)

Introduction Unfortunately YBOP must thoroughly debunk yet another Men’s Health propaganda piece denying porn-induced sexual dysfunctions. The current article mirrors another misleading article YBOP debunked just a few months ago: Debunking “Should you be worried about porn-induced erectile dysfunction?” – by The Daily Dot’s Claire Downs. (2018). Before I address specific assertions, here are the […]

Experts who recognize & treat porn-induced sexual dysfunctions

See this page for the many studies linking porn use or porn/sex addiction to sexual problems and relationship & sexual dissatisfaction (the first 6 studies demonstrate causation as participants eliminated porn use and healed chronic sexual dysfunctions): Since 2011, when urology professor Carl Foresta first described porn-induced sexual dysfunctions, over 120 sexual experts (urology professors, […]

Debunking “Should you be worried about porn-induced erectile dysfunction?” – by The Daily Dot’s Claire Downs. (2018)

Introduction Here we have yet another propaganda piece, this one attempting to deny the existence of widespread porn-induced sexual problems. This one is by The Daily Dot’s Claire Downs whose expertise is described as “A third-generation worker in the Chicago futures industry, she specializes in cryptocurrencies and altcoins.” Interestingly, none of the recent hit pieces […]

Analysis of “A Profile of Pornography Users in Australia: Findings From the Second Australian Study of Health and Relationships” (2016)

COMMENTS: Many claim this study supports the argument that Internet porn doesn’t really cause serious problems. For example, this pro-porn advocate falsely states that only 2% of participants felt that porn was leading to adverse effects. In reality, 17% of males & females aged 16-30 reported that using pornography had a bad effect on them. […]

Critique of “Is Pornography Really about “Making Hate to Women”? Pornography Users Hold More Gender Egalitarian Attitudes Than Nonusers in a Representative American Sample” (2016)

The authors of this study framed egalitarianism as: (1) Support for abortion, (2) Feminist identification, (3) Women holding positions of power, (4) Belief that family life suffers when the woman has a full-time job., and oddly enough (5) Holding more negative attitudes toward the traditional family. Secular populations, which tend to be more liberal, have far higher […]

Dismantling the “group position” paper opposing porn and sex addiction (November, 2017)

Introduction In early November, 2017 three non-profit kink organizations (Center for Positive Sexuality, National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, and The Alternative Sexualities Health Research Alliance) released a group position paper “opposing the addiction model in relation to frequent sexual behavior and pornography viewing.” The groups’ press release, Position statement opposing sex/porn addiction model, explained their […]

Is Utah #1 in Porn Use?

UPDATE: The points made below have now been affirmed in peer-reviewed research. In Social Desirability Bias in Pornography-Related Self-Reports: The Role of Religion (2017), Dr. Joshua Grubbs tested his hypothesis that religious individuals are more likely to lie about their porn use (in anonymous surveys studies or to researchers). The “religious people are lying” hypothesis […]

Porn studies involving female subjects: Effects on arousal, sexual satisfaction, and relationships

While a handful of studies report little effect of women’s porn use on women’s sexual and relationship satisfaction, the vast maturity do report negative effects. This page contains studies linking female porn use to lower sexual or relationship satisfaction. When evaluating the research, it’s important to know that a relatively small percentage of all coupled […]

Nicole Prause’s Harassment, Cyber-stalking, Defamation, and “Astroturf” Campaign

Introduction This page was created to counter the ongoing harassment and false claims made by former UCLA researcher Nicole Prause as part of an ongoing “astroturf” campaign to persuade people that anyone who disagrees with her conclusions deserves to be reviled. Watch this short, excellent TEDx talk, “Astroturf and manipulation of media messages” | Sharyl […]

Study invalidates the CPUI-9 as an instrument to assess either “perceived pornography addiction” or actual pornography addiction (2017)

SECTION 1: Introduction A new study (Fernandez et al., 2017) tested and analyzed the CPUI-9, a purported “perceived pornography addiction” questionnaire developed by Joshua Grubbs, and found that it couldn’t accurately assess “actual porn addiction” or “perceived porn addiction” (Do Cyber Pornography Use Inventory-9 Scores Reflect Actual Compulsivity in Internet Pornography Use? Exploring the Role […]