Brain Studies on Porn Users & Sex Addicts

This page lists the studies assessing the brain structure and functioning of Internet porn users and sex/porn addicts (Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder). To date every study offers support for the porn addiction model (no studies have yet to falsify the porn addiction model). The results of these 42 neurological studies (and upcoming studies) are consistent with […]

Analysis of “Modulation of late positive potentials by sexual images in problem users and controls inconsistent with ‘porn addiction’ (2015)”, by Liberos LLC/ SPAN lab

Introduction Published July 2015, we will refer to it as Prause, et al., 2015. Because this paper reported less brain activation to vanilla porn (pictures) related to greater porn use, it is listed as supporting the hypothesis that chronic porn use down regulates sexual arousal. Put simply, chronic porn users were bored by static images […]

Nothing Adds Up in Dubious Study: Youthful Subjects’ ED Left Unexplained, by Gabe Deem

Published: 3/12/2015 (link to original article) UPDATE: June 11, 2015: A peer-reviewed critique by Richard A. Isenberg MD UPDATE: List of 90 studies linking porn use/porn addiction to sexual problems, low libido, less brain activation to vanilla porn, and less sexual  & relationship satisfaction. UPDATE: August 5, 2016: Peer-reviewed paper by US Navy doctors – […]

The Bogus Sex Addiction “Controversy” and the Purveyors of Ignorance, by Linda Hatch, PhD

I still sometimes read a newspaper.  Today’s LA Times had the absolutely best article I have seen in years.  It is called “Sowing Doubt About Science” by Michael Hiltzik. Agnotology, the study of the production of ignorance The Hiltzik article reports on the work of Robert Proctor, a history of science professor at Stanford specializing […]

Critique of “The Emperor Has No Clothes: A Review of the ‘Pornography Addiction’ Model”, David Ley, Nicole Prause & Peter Finn (2014)

Update One – Neurological & Epidemiological Studies That Falsify Nearly Every Claim in Ley et al., 2014: Porn/sex addiction? There are now 41 neurological studies on porn users. All found brain changes consistent with those that occur in drug addicts. These 40 studies are all the neurological studies published on porn users or sex addicts. […]

‘High desire’, or ‘merely’ an addiction? A response to Steele et al. by Donald L. Hilton, Jr., MD*

Donald L. Hilton, Jr., MD* Department of Neurosurgery, The University of Texas Health Sciences Center at San Antonio, USA Published: 21 February 2014. Link to original paper Socioaffective Neuroscience & Psychology 2014. © 2014 Donald L. Hilton. This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons CC-BY 4.0 License (, allowing third parties to […]

Is there evidence supporting the existence of pornography addiction? (2013)

Yes, according to Donald L Hilton, MD, author of “Pornography addiction – a supranormal stimulus considered in the context of neuroplasticity” in Socioaffective Neuroscience & Psychology. But one needs the perspective and education to understand the supporting evidence—and why it will eventually overtake the competing viewpoint that compulsive porn use is due to “hypersexual disorder,” […]

"Don’t Call it Hypersexuality: Why we Need the Term Sex Addiction," By Linda Hatch, PhD

What does it mean to say that sex addiction “exists” or “doesn’t exist” apart from the fact that denying its existence or rebutting the denials can get you your 15 minutes of fame. A diagnostic term is always a provisional construct, a tool for organizing information about phenomena we are trying to understand and work […]

UCLA’s SPAN Lab Touts Empty Porn Study As Ground-Breaking (Critique of Steele et al., 2013)

[This was first published in July, 2013 as a reply blog post to a “Psychology Today” blog post that featured an interview with Dr. Nicole Prause, spokesperson for Steele et al., 2013.] The full study: “Sexual Desire, not Hypersexuality, is Related to Neurophysiological Responses Elicited by Sexual Images” (2013) This EEG study was touted in the media as […]

Misinformed Media Touts Bogus Sex Addiction Study, by Robert Weiss, LCSW & Stefanie Carnes PhD

Why the media takes one bad study and distorts its conclusions for shock value. Published on July 24, 2013 by Robert Weiss, LCSW, CSAT-S in Love and Sex in the Digital Age In a nationally distributed study published last week, a group of researchers argued that what is often termed as “sexual addiction” could be […]