6-minute video by journalist Diana Davison, who authored The Post Millennial expose’ on Nicole Prause.

6-minute video by journalist Diana Davison, who authored The Post Millennial expose’ on Nicole Prause.

The Diana Davison video provided a link to the timeline of events chronicling Prause’s nearly 7-year campaign of harassment, defamation, threats, and false accusations: VSS Academic War Timeline (Which Prause got removed by threatening TikiTok with a bogus Cease and Desist letter).

Very revealing comments under the Diana Davison video (in response to an obsessive commentor):




In response to Diana Davison’s Post Millennial expose’ Prause harasses/defames Davison, followed by a bogus Cease & Desist letter and demanding $10,000 to not file a lawsuit

As she had done with other journalists (e.g. Belinda Luscombe, Amy Fleming) Prause went on the attack, harassing, defaming and threatening Diana Davison. Prause eventually resorted to sending Davison and The Post Millennial a baseless cease & desist letter. (PDF of bogus C&D letter). We begin with Diana Davison’s original tweet linking to her article:

Davison was asked about Prause’s court filings where Prause falsely claims she never attended a porn awards show. (See this image of her (far right) on the red carpet of the 2016 X-Rated Critics Organization (XRCO) awards ceremony.) Davison exposes Prause as perjuring herself in her Hilton v. Prause lawsuit filings:

Prause then blocked Davison to prevent her from responding to Prause’s tweets:

Screenshots supporting everything Davison said:

  1. attended 2016 X-Rated Critics Organization (XRCO) awards ceremony (PDF: XRCO 2016)
  2. stated she had attended AVN in 2015 (PDF: AVN 2015)
  3. stated she planned to attend AVN in 2019 (PDF: AVN 2019)

With Davison blocked, Prause launches her tirade:

Is it a coincidence that the AVN email to Prause is dated November 21, the day The Post Millennial expose’ on Nicole Prause was published? This suggests that Prause emailed AVN and they immediately responded with the requested statement. It appears as if Prause and AVN have an ongoing relationship.

However, the AVN email fails to back up Prause’s claims. First, AVN’s email is only concerned with 2019, yet Don Hilton only contends that Prause stated she had attended AVN in 2015 (Which she did tweet in 2015). Second, the AVN respnse concerns itself with only RSVP tickets, not general admission. The only thing the AVN email proves is that the AVN is at Prause’s beck and call.

Prause’s tirade continues, with self-incriminating screenshots of this page: Is Nicole Prause Influenced by the Porn Industry? You can see the section she captured in her tweet here: Evidence that Nicole Prause attends porn industry awards (XRCO, AVN)

Next she tweets this gem (featuring more of her private emails with porn industry insiders):

The screenshot of the XRCO Chairman’s email to Prause from the above tweet is priceless:

Bob Krotts confirms Prause had attended XRCO (contrary to Nikky’s sworn affidavit), yet he’s not sure if she’s a “part of” the porn industry or not. Prause’s tweet contains a second screenshot – of a Davison tweet:

Davison is referring to this XRCO picture of Prause sitting at a reserved table with porn-industry friends (blonde at left behind porn star Melissa Hill):

In the same thread, ranting about the 2019 AVN (rather than 2015), and tweeting receipts supposedly showing she was in LA during the 2019 AVN (which is held in Las Vegas). However, no one said Prause attended the 2019 AVN award (even though Prause apparently once planned to attend AVN), and The Post Millennial article said nothing about either the AVN or the XRCO awards.

Prause escalates to threatening a lawsuit. None of her “evidence” counters anything tweeted by Diana Davison.

Concurrently, she tweets all the porn-industry bigwigs who are at her fingertips. Nothing suspicious here folks!

Davison responds to being blocked, then harassed by Prause:

November 25, 2019:

The next day Prause gets her Backpage.com lawyer to send a bogus cease and desist letter to Davison and The Post Millennial. All of Prause’s alleged wrongs are fabricated nonsense – as usual.

Check this out: Prause’s legal counsel is Wayne B. Giampietro, who was one of the primary lawyers defending backpage.com. Backpage was shut down by the federal government “for its willful facilitation of human trafficking and prostitution.” (see this USA Today article: 93-count indictment on sex trafficking charges revealed against Backpage founders). The indictment charged backpage owners, along with others, of conspiring to knowingly facilitate prostitution offenses through the website. Authorities contend some of the trafficked people included teenage girls. For details on Giampietro’s involvement see – https://dockets.justia.com/docket/illinois/ilndce/1:2017cv05081/341956. In an odd turn of events, backpage.com assets were seized by Arizona, with Wayne B. Giampietro LLC listed as forfeiting $100,000.

Continued threat against Davison, The Post Millennial, and two other twitter accounts in the Davison thread (note: Prause had already blocked Davison).

Notice how Prause’s C&D letter says “RE: Your Brain On Porn.” Evidence that she is probably the one writing the bogus C&D’s, not her lawyer.

Diana Davison responds to Prause’s harassment and bogus C&D letter.

Diana describes Prause demanding $10,000 to just go away.

Prause also tries to intimidate others in the Davison thread:

Other accounts educate Davison’s on the ways of the porn industry shills:

Davison is not intimidated by Prause:

November 26, 2019:

December 19, 2019: Prause apparently scared Tiki-Toki.com into taking down Davison’s timeline of Prause’s defamation & harassment.

Note: Months have passed and Davison’s Post Millennial article remains, as do all of Davison’s tweets. More empty, unmerited threats by Prause.

March 10, 2020: Evidently Diana Davison received emails from more victims of Prause. It never ends:

Davison continues:

Davison ends with what many of us know to be true:


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