Donald Hilton defamation lawsuit against Nicole Prause: Downloadable PDF’s of Hilton lawsuit, exhibits, and affidavits by 9 other Prause victims

Initial 17-page complaint (May, 2019): Don Hilton defamation lawsuit against Nicole R Prause.

On July 24, 2019 Don Hilton amended his lawsuit to include:

  1. Affidavits from 9 other victims of Prause,
  2. Prause’s malicious complaint to the Texas Board of Medical Examiners containing false and defamatory statements,
  3. Prause’s accusations with two different professional journals in which Dr. Hilton has published, incorrectly accusing Dr. Hilton of falsifying and exaggerating his credentials.

PDF’s of amendments to Hilton’s lawsuit (numbers 4-11 are the 7 original documents found above):

Note – The PDF and supporting exhibits are in the public record: Case #2019CI09367

UPDATE (August 9, 2019): Nicole Prause filed a motion to dismiss Donald Hilton’s defamation lawsuit against her. Prause’s motion contained false statements and myriad unsupported allegations. Don Hilton responded with a 21-page opposition to dismiss (screenshots below) and 57 pages of supporting exhibits.

The tip of the Prause iceberg

As documented in sections of these pages – page 1, page 2 – Nicole Prause has a long history of defaming Donald Hilton MD:

Don Hilton’s complaint with affidavits from 9 other Prause victims is just the tip of the Prause iceberg. A partial list of her victims victims include researchers, medical doctors, therapists, psychologists, a former UCLA colleague, a UK charity, men in recovery, a TIME magazine editor, several professors, IITAP, SASH, Fight The New Drug, Exodus Cry,, RebootNation, YourBrainRebalanced, the academic journal Behavioral Sciences, its parent company MDPI, US Navy medical doctors, the head of the academic journal CUREUS, and the journal Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity.

While spending her waking hours harassing others, Prause cleverly cultivated – with zero verifiable evidence – a myth that she was “the victim” of most anyone who dared to disagree with her assertions surrounding porn’s effects or the current state of porn research. To counter the ongoing harassment and false claims, YBOP was compelled to document some of Prause’s activities. Consider the following pages. (Additional incidents have occurred that we are not at liberty to divulge – as Prause’s victims fear further retribution.)


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